Everything you need to have your best trade show 

Learn what you can expect in 2023 as we move into the West Hall for The Car Wash Show™. Get access to all the resources you need to prepare your team and your budget for a successful show.


Earn A Priority Point


Prepare For Success


Learn About New Opportunities

Trade shows can be complicated,
but they don't have to be.

You need to be able to plan your spend

When you're exhibiting at the world's largest car wash show, you need to make sure you know what to expect to spend. Bootcamp helps you plan and sets your team up for success.

You need a positive ROI
A trade show isn't worth much if it doesn't generate the return on your investment you need. Bootcamp gives you the resources you need to have a positive ROI on your investment.

You want to avoid surprises
Whether it's the move-in process, your show sponsorship opportunities, or your post-show follow-up, you don't want to be surprised. Bootcamp gives you everything you need to have a strong plan.



Exhibitor Bootcamp Is For You

We know that trade shows can be complicated. That's why we created Bootcamp to get you best positioned for success at The Car Wash Show. Whether that's helping you prepare your team and your budget for The Car Wash Show, or getting a tour of the newly renovated West Hall so you know exactly what to expect ... we are here for you.
In case you missed our two Bootcamp sessions, below is a recording of our virtual session, brought to you by Kim Vinciguerra, Chief Experience Officer at ICA.
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