The Secret Roadmap: Hacking the Membership Growth Formula

Josh Taylor

5/9/2023 - 8:00 - 8:30 AM

Unlock the secrets to dramatically boosting membership growth and monthly revenue for your car wash!

In this presentation, Josh Taylor, Chief Marketing Office of OptSpot and StoryBrand Certified Guide, will show you the step-by-step roadmap that unlocks the secrets of successful membership growth and customer engagement.

With new strategies and tools, you can increase your customer base and stop wasting money on things that aren’t working.

Learn the formula used by the fastest-growing car washes in the industry to hack your car wash’s membership growth and set yourself apart from the competition.

Josh Taylor is a leading StoryBrand Certified Guide and the Chief Marketing Officer at OptSpot, a Marketing Agency that helps CarWash Business increase revenue and grow their memberships.
As an experienced, international business coach and speaker, Josh has worked with hundreds of brands including CEOs, small business owners, and faith-based leaders to create marketing and personal brand strategies to grow their organizations and increase revenue.
Josh spends most of his time helping car washes maximize their marketing efforts, get a return on their marketing dollars, and grow their revenue and profitability.
His areas of expertise include copywriting, marketing strategy, leadership development, personal brand coaching, public speaking engagements as well as conference keynotes.
Josh has also been featured in Forbes for his business coaching expertise. 

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