Positivity Produces Productivity

5/8/2023 - 9:30 - 10:00 AM

To talk about the growth in the industry, and with this growth comes some frustration. In working through this, how do we discipline ourselves to move forward and still be productive even on the bad days.

Destiny Baker has brought training and development to the industry for 6 years now. Starting her career in the Finish Line Car Wash brand and working up in her development skills with Chris Presswood. Working in the Unlimited Sales and Training Fields when Mammoth Holdings LLC acquired the brand. In her career she has held multiple positions, being instrumental in the development of multiple processes and position structures. In her time, she has handled entire training program roll outs, built solid teams and created the beginning phases of the integrations process within Mammoth Holdings LLC. Handling multiple levels of development from the executive level to team members training courses, and was involved in many of the first major developmental stages of Mammoth Holdings LLC growth. Continuing her knowledge in the instructional design field, obtaining multiple certifications within the Association of Talent Development. Currently in her role, she works on all research, curation, design, development and roll out of materials in Mammoth Holdings' training. Dedicating her time "to be a leader that provides other with the confidence for self-growth and acceptance", not only within the industry but their personal lives as well.

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