Is Your Brand Fit? Cultivating a Customer-Centric Brand

Max Pulcini, EverWash

Harriet Ayoade, EverWash

Craig Gilham, Sudz Car Wash & Detailing

5/9/2023 - 9:30 - 10:00 AM

A common characteristic of profitable car washes is strong branding. When it comes to your brand, your car wash is more than just a physical location. Your brand also goes beyond logos and websites. Healthy and fit brands are built on a data-centric structure and are agile to shifts and changes. It consists of a mix of digital and traditional marketing strategies. As part of cultivating a customer-centric brand, your car wash's brand value proposition should demonstrate how it is the best solution for your customers, demonstrate how their needs are proactively met, and make it easy for you to track success based on an increase in customer lifetime value and a decrease in attrition.  

Max Pulcini is EverWash's Director of Marketing & Communications, where he's worked since August 2017. At EverWash, Max oversees communications strategy, content marketing, press relations, and channel partnerships. A native of South Jersey, and a Philadelphia resident since 2009, Max joined EverWash following a career in journalism, which led to by-lines in Philadelphia-based publications such as Spirit News, Philadelphia City Paper, and Billy Penn, as well as national news outlets like The Daily Beast. A graduate of Temple University's School of Media and Communications (Journalism '13), Max has an affinity for Philadelphia sports teams, gaming, cured meats, and cheeses, despite his lactose intolerance.

Harriet Ayoade is a consumer-centric big-picture marketer who creates first-in-kind enduring strategies that grow businesses. Passionate about human-centered digital experiences, she has successfully developed creative and brand-building initiatives across various industries, including fashion, retail, financial services, and consulting. She is currently Vice President of Marketing at Everwash, an all-in-one business management and revenue-boosting platform for car wash operators.

Craig Gilham is the owner/operator of Sudz Car Wash &Mobile Detailing in Gonzales, Tx, a relatively small town with a population of about 7,200. Still, it is the birthplace of Texas Independence. Its flag bears the motto, 'Come And Take It.' Craig started in the Car Wash industry with no prior experience 7 1/2 years ago with a single IBA, four self-serve bays, and six vacuums and bought a car wash; it was rundown, with few visiting the wash because it always seemed to be out of service. Craig had to change people's mentality about the car wash. As a touchless car wash, people had to be confident that it would deliver a great wash. While there was a website, but no new business, so there came the whole issue of Branding, generating new business, and differentiating Sudz was a challenge. Craig committed to learning all he could about growing a car wash business. Memberships and unlimited programs seemed to be the keys to success by adding value to the customer experience and having a successful brand by being omnipresent in the community. Craig now had successful year-after-year growth in revenue! Impressively, Sudz members now total 11.5 percent of Gonzales' total population.

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