How to Compete in a Swirling Global Economy

Todd Buchholz

5/9/23 - 8:00 AM & 9:00 AM

Never before have car wash companies felt such pressure to compete. Customers seem ready to jump to competitors, while Millennials and Generation Z confound marketers. Headlines warn of “inflation,” “high gas prices,” and “rising interest rates.”

 But after two years of staying at home, drivers are glad to climb behind the wheel and travel. Moreover, with new car prices climbing sharply, car owners are focusing more on upkeep and making sure their older vehicles look good and run smoothly. For car wash operators, it’s tough to attract new employees and to keep them. Sales may break records, but can firms raise prices when their costs go up? Is 2023 the best time or the worst time to make new investments in equipment? Former White House director of economic policy Todd Buchholz will show you where the economy is headed and how your company can thrive in a quickly changing global economy.

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