Express Wash - What's Next?

5/8/2023 - 8:00 - 9:00 AM

This session will share some tips on single-site ownership and multi-site growth, how to gain insight into your own ideal point of entry, and how to go about winning your unfair share in a competitive marketplace.

Paul started his professional career in car washing as an owner-operator in 1981 joining his brother to build a multi-state chain of 13 car washes, gas stations, convenience stores, detail shops, and lube centers. In 1991, Paul sold his share of the company to his brother and bought into his father’s company, Sonny’s Enterprises, Inc., which he grew from a small parts supplier into what it is todaythe largest manufacturer of conveyorized car washing equipment, parts, and supplies in the world. Under Paul’s leadership, Sonny’s delivers car wash owners and operators a total offering and single source solution to simplify operations, drive profitability, and create a sustainable competitive advantage for their car wash business.

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