Creating an Inclusive and Cohesive Team

5/8/2023 - 10:15 - 10:45 AM

While cohesive teams are often made up of people with diverse talents from different backgrounds, what ties them all together is a strong sense of identity drawn from their place of employment.  They share values, goals, and processes. They share wins and losses and have to work together in order for the car wash to be as efficient as possible.  A cohesive group is like a group of fans rooting for the same sports team – all working together toward a collective win. Your operation is only as good as your team, and making sure you have the right people on board is vital to your profitability and your success.  This session will discuss the ingredients for building a cohesive team and the strategies you need to retain them

Claire is the Chief Learning Officer of International Carwash Association. Claire joined the Association in 2004 as the Director of Education. Over her 19 year tenure with the association Claire has designed and developed all education programs for both the vendor and operator members of the industry, designed and launched the WaterSavers program, championed the Executive Management Institute and the Womens Leadership Experience programs, and most recently has developed and designed the LEAD program, the award-winning online management curriculum for car wash managers. Claire holds a B.A in communication from Villanova University and a MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

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